Come Check Us Out

Credit Unions have less fees, and we're super convenient. Everything ECCU does is community-focused and we're local, right here in Houston. We have two community branches, and a third coming later this year. But, you don't need to ever visit a branch, unless you just want to! All our accounts include free online and mobile banking, with real-time account balances, check deposit capabilities, and payment options including Bill Pay and Zelle®. 

High Returns in a Checking Account

Energy High Interest Checking is perfect for an everyday account. Get a free debit card, meet a few monthly usage requirements, and earn a high interest dividend every month. Currently, this high interest checking account is earning 5.00% APY.*

High Returns in a Savings Account

High-Yield Savings allows the flexibility of a typical savings account, but an elevated dividend more similar to an investment account. Your money is available when you want or need it. Currently, our High-Yield Savings is earning 3.00% APY.*

Your Money is Safe and Insured

ECCU individual accounts are covered up to $250,000. Qualifying joint accounts are insured at least to $500,000 with options for additional coverage. Your money is safe and insured whatever deposit account you choose - savings, checking or certificate accounts.

Affordable Loan Options

ECCU has all the loan options you or your family might need. Auto, home, and personal loans, as well as credit cards are all available at low interest rates, saving you the most whenever you need to borrow.