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Regular Savings

  • Your basic membership account
  • $5 to open the account
  • Withdraw funds at any time
  • $100 balance to earn dividends
  • Dividends accrue daily; compound monthly

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Savings Made Easy.

Every member at Energy Capital begins with a Regular Savings Account. It’s the first account you open and where your original membership share lives. It’s also our simplest, most flexible way to save. Dividends in this account accrue daily and are paid monthly. Your money is completely liquid; access it anytime. What do you want to start saving for?

Special Savings

  • The perfect “goal” savings account
  • $100 balance to earn dividends
  • No monthly fees
  • Withdraw funds anytime
  • Must have a Regular Savings Account
  • Dividends accrue daily; compound monthly


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Dreaming but don’t have the moolah yet? We can help.

Christmas is always closer than you think. A down payment. Your honeymoon. We all have dreams. Our Special Savings Account is the perfect way to make those dreams a reality. With only $1 to open and no monthly fees, this account truly lives up to its name. If you’re a person that likes to set goals and reach them, you can set up automatic deposits and get there faster.

  • $1 to Open
  • No Monthly Fees


Spark Savings

  • Teach kids financial responsibility
  • For ages 0-16
  • Get Paid for A’s
  • No monthly account fees
  • Withdraw funds anytime
  • Dividends accrue daily; compound monthly


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Ignite their love of smart banking early.

Start your kids’ financial future off right by saving early and often. We understand the importance of becoming financially educated at any early age. Our goal is to help parents and grandparents educate our youth on financial matters and to understand the importance of saving.

We also want to reinforce the importance of doing well in school, so any child who holds this account will be rewarded $1 for each A*! Simply submit a copy of the child’s report card once a semester (a semester equals three six week periods) and we’ll deposit up to $10 per year in their account.

*A maximum of $5 will be given from July through December and another $5 from January through June, for a total of $10 per year. Fall report cards must be submitted by 1/15 and spring report cards by 6/30. Submit by emailing a copy to or bringing a copy to any branch. Must maintain a $100 average balance during the semester to qualify. Must be 16 or younger at time of request to qualify and must have a Spark Savings account (S4.) All A's paid will be reported as interest income to the IRS.

  • $5 to Open
  • No Monthly Fees