Boost Your Savings and Renew with this Special 13-Month Certificate Account

Put your savings into a Certificate Account for 13-months and earn a special, elevated rate of 5.25% APY*. This no-risk account is perfect for whatever your short and long-term goals may be. 

All accounts at ECCU are federally insured by NCUA, and money in a Certificate Account is safe from fluctuating market rates. Start saving today and earn this high interest rate!
Features of this Special Certificate Account
13-Month Term
Exclusive Renewal Rate of 5.25% APY*
$500 Minimum Opening Deposit
No Maximum Opening Deposit

Earn an elevated rate of 5.40% APY* if you meet one of the following criteria:

Have an existing or new direct deposit going to any ECCU checking account
Add an additional $5,000 or more to the CD from money you don't currently have in an ECCU account

Act fast! This exclusive offer is only for a limited time.

Choose the safe and secure savings option with a guaranteed return on your money.