Drive the car of your dreams without buying it.

With new car prices on the rise, you can save money and get a lower monthly payment than a traditional auto loan by leasing instead of buying.
ECCU has partnered with D&M Auto Leasing* to provide you with an affordable alternative to buying a car or truck. You can complete 100% of the process over the phone from trading in your current vehicle to having your new vehicle delivered right to you.  

Here's What to Expect When You Lease

  •  Up to 50% Lower Monthly Payment Than a Car Note 
  • Flexible Terms and Mileage Options
  • Payments Are Made Directly to ECCU
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Option For Early Termination
  • Lease New or Used Vehicles
  • Zero Down Payment For Qualified Buyers

Contact ECCU’s dedicated leasing agent directly:
Cheryl Seidner, (713) 715-4622

A Member-Friendly Experience You Can Trust

Complete the process over the phone.
From start to finish --even submitting your trade-in! Complete 100% of the leasing process over the phone.
Safely sign and
submit forms.
Use DocuSign to view, complete and securely return documents for your vehicle lease.
Have your new car
Once the details are finalized, relax and wait for your newly leased vehicle to be delivered right to you.

Get in touch.

Phone: (832) 604-4848

Email: Click Here

Mail: 18540 Northwest Fwy, Houston TX 77065

Fax: (832) 604-4854