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Shopping for insurance is complicated and time consuming. Take the hassle out of finding great insurance at a good price by letting Energy Capital Insurance customize coverage to your needs. Our Insurance agent will find the best quotes for you-- giving you time to do what you want.  With a selection of major to independent providers, Energy Capital Insurance can do all the legwork for you and present you with the best coverage options to meet your needs.
Plus! Take advantage of select carrier discounts just for being a member of ECCU! Get multiple lines of insurance and manage them all with Energy Capital in one place, under one umbrella. Enjoy the same name brand national carriers but with the care and customization of your local credit union.

car with insurance shield

Auto Insurance

Accidents happen.
Be prepared if they do.
Texas drivers are required to have auto insurance if they drive or own a vehicle. With Energy Capital Insurance, you can make sure you have the necessary coverage to protect yourself and your passengers.

Homeowners Insurance

Home Insurance

Home is where the heart is.
Our home insurance policies ensure your home is protected against commonplace disasters, such as a tornado, fire, or even a break-in.
Home Insurance can help pay for repairs or rebuilding after a disaster, replacing damaged or stolen personal items, and cover the cost of living expenses while your home is being repaired/rebuilt.

renters insuranceRenters Insurance

You can protect your personal belongings even if you aren't a homeowner. A landlord's policy typically only covers damages and losses to the building and property, not the personal contents.

Renters insurance is very affordable and allows you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your possessions are protected.

rental property insuranceRental Property Insurance

Being a landlord comes with risks to your properties and your financial stability. An Energy Capital Insurance policy can protect residential real estate investors with personalized policies to fit their exact needs.

toy insurance

Motorcycle, ATV or RV Insurance

Enjoy the ride of life. Whether you use your wheels as your primary, or only on occasion, you have to be protected. Motorcycles, ATVs and RVs carry unique risks and our insurance agents understand these and help you select the best coverage for you.

photo of a boatBoat & Watercraft Insurance

Are the highlights of the summer spent taking part in a fishing tournament or cruising around the lake while pulling kids on a tube? Make sure your boat's afloat with a policy that covers your watercraft while it's in the water or in storage.
Policies are available for boats and other watercraft, such as wave runners and options for coverage include liability, uninsured or underinsured bodily injury coverage, fuel spill liability, and wreckage removal.

personal liabilityPersonal Liability Insurance

An Energy Capital Insurance Umbrella policy is there to protect you when you are found liable for damages that exceed the amounts covered by your auto, home, motorcycle, or other relevant policy.  

hospital insuranceSupplemental Accident and Hospital Insurance

Fill in the gap where your health insurance falls short. This coverage can help pay medical bills or assist with your living expenses.

photo of a shieldLife Insurance

Protection for those you love the most. Life insurance makes sure that your family is taken care of and not left with a financial burden. Term, whole, and universal life insurance policies are available.