Who We Are

ECCU Cares Foundation is a charitable organization formed and operated by the employees of Energy Capital Credit Union in Houston, Texas. The mission of the Foundation is to protect and empower our communities through grants that support two focus areas: environment an education. 

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Financial education is a key tenant of the Credit Union movement.

ECCU Cares believes that the people in our communities are most empowered financially when they understand their options and have a plan for financial success. This means we must share information about important financial tools such as budgeting, tracking expenses, understanding and improving credit, and many other topics.

The Foundation will partner with charities that seek to improve access to financial education for our communities and will also volunteer for opportunities to provide this education ourselves.

Join us in providing better access to the education that will protect and empower the financial success of our communities for many years to come.

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As the energy capital of the world, Houston is keenly aware of the impact that energy production has on the environment.

As energy companies, governments, and individuals all make strides towards balancing environmental protection with continuing to meet the world’s energy production needs, ECCU Cares is focused on supporting and sustaining our environment alongside them.

The Foundation will look to support 501(c)3 groups that are working towards conservation, alternative and sustainable energy sources, and environmental preservation. Our staff will also volunteer for events within our communities that support recycling and environmental clean-up.

Join us in protecting and empowering our communities by protecting our environment and powering a better tomorrow.

How We Work

The ECCU Cares Foundation is run by a Board of volunteers made up of employees from Energy Capital Credit Union. ECCU’s employees are donors to the foundation and are willing to volunteer their time to ensure the successful promotion of our areas of focus.

The Foundation’s Board is made up of four committees: Charity Research, Donation Advisors, Volunteerism and Outreach. These committees are set up to ensure that all grants provided by the Foundation are going to efforts that support our focus areas and align with Credit Union Principles. In addition to volunteering their time to manage the Foundation, ECCU’s employees also volunteer their time in the community.  


Funds for the foundation are raised through generous donors, staff, family, friends and members. Anyone may donate and donations are tax deductible. 

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