Powerful Protection with a Personal Touch

Shopping for insurance is complicated and time consuming. Take the hassle out of finding great insurance at a good price by letting Energy Capital Insurance customize coverage to your needs.

Energy Capital Insurance makes your life easier by finding the best quotes for you-- giving you time to do what you want.  With a selection of major to independent providers, Energy Capital Insurance can do all the legwork for you and present you with the best options for your needs.
Plus! Take advantage of select carrier discounts just for being a member of ECCU.

Get multiple lines of insurance and manage them all with Energy Capital in one place, under one umbrella. Enjoy the same name brand national carriers but with the care and customization of your local credit union.

Energy Capital Insurance Works with Carriers Including

What type of coverage do you need?

Types of Coverage
 ECCU Insurance
Home Insurance
Check Mark 30x26  Yes! More than just coverage for your home itself, home insurance provides protection for your personal property, your garage or greenhouse, and coverage for any medical expenses if someone is injured while on your property.
Auto Insurance
Check Mark 30x26  Yep!  Accidents happen and you want to be prepared in the event your vehicle or the vehicle of another driver is damaged ---or worse. Avoid expensive out-of-pocket costs by properly protecting yourself and your car while on the road.
Renters Insurance  Check Mark 30x26  Absolutely!  For as little as $11 a month, you can protect your precious possessions, guard yourself against liabilities, and likely have your living expenses covered in the event of a loss with renter's insurance. 
 Boat/ RV/ MC Insurance
Check Mark 30x26   You bet! Motorhome, trailer or camper? Whether it's your full-time home or vacation vehicle, you need coverage. Sailboat, power boat, canoe? You need coverage. Motorcycle? ATV? Play it safe on your favorite toys and get coverage.
Life Insurance Check Mark 30x26   We have it! Term and permanent life insurance policies are available. Schedule a consultation to learn which one will best meet your needs and your budget.