It's an Add to Cart Kind of Month at ECCU!

You’re likely using a credit card to purchase your gifts. Using a credit card is great because you’re able to earn and redeem rewards, but it’s important to remember that the holiday season is a peak time for fraud. Many people get so busy with all the shopping and festivities, that they don’t notice fraudulent charges on their account. However, if this does happen, it’s not the end of the world. Credit cards have protection, which means you won’t be charged for those fraudulent purchases. With that said, let’s talk about how to keep your credit card safe!

How to Keep Your Credit Card in Check

Monitor your account often

Reviewing your account activity is so important, especially around the holidays. Go through all transactions and make sure each purchase was made by you, or another authorized user. Set up text alerts so you get notified when spending is taking place. If you do notice suspicious activity, call your card issuer immediately.

Protect yourself online

Advertisements are constantly popping up left and right on social media. Be careful about clicking on these ads. Not all ads come from reliable sites, so it’s important to verify the source. Double check the URL and the lock icon that confirms it’s a secure site before you commit to buying something on that site.

Secure your information

Make sure all your personal information is secure. Keep your passwords secret, and avoid using details that are easy to guess, like family members or birthdays. The longer your password is, the better.

Watch out for spam calls

Spam calls are known to be common this time of year. If you receive a call asking for card details and personal information, hang up immediately. Your financial institution will never ask you for your passwords.

Getting the Best Credit Card Deal

At Energy Capital Credit Union, it’s important to us that you’re getting the best deals this holiday season. If you want to maximize rewards while keeping things simple, our MasterCard Platinum Rewards card may be perfect for you!

For all new ECCU cards, you’ll get 0% financing on all purchases for six months. Sounds great, right? All of your holiday shopping can be interest-free!

 The ECCU Mastercard Platinum includes all of these features:
  • Cash back rewards
  • No annual fee
  • Trip delay and cancellation or interruption protection
  • Lost luggage coverage
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • Zero liability for unauthorized purchases
  • Buyer protection
  • Extended warranty coverage

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*0% APR is only valid for new cards, six months after card opening. After the 6 month introductory period, your rate will be the agreed upon rate at the time of card opening.  See our Credit Card Agreement and Disclosures.